L.A. Diary

Some more facets of our weekend; featuring lots of sun. I feel like an ungrateful Seattleite, but 85 degrees was much too hot for me.

The Ivy.

Good morning @ Serena’s beautiful home.


Excited for a chance to wear my printed pants.

Outfit & grass.

Homage to our night before at The Edison.

Beverly Hills.

Street art downtown.

Discovery of this amazing sticker store came twenty years too late. @ 3rd ave. Farmer’s Market.

L.A. Foliage is not like Seattle’s.

The Grove.



Sunday Brunch.


Trinkets in Little Tokyo. There were Daiso-esque discount shops on every corner with the cutest little finds; I had to convince myself that bunny chopstick holders and kitty shaped rice molders are not necessary. However, $2.50 head tingler/massagers were a steal and definitely NECESSARY.



Lightening my hair again.

@ Robert Leonard with Amy.

The infamy of Seattle drivers during snow… Personally, I don’t even bother getting around on wheels.

Drinks at The Hideout on First Hill.

Tribute to Bruce and the Lee Family in the International District.

Cat chat.

Peanut butter “Double Happiness” at Ba Bar, my favorite variation yet! We suspect a new pastry chef is making the rounds, as this DH was filled with more layers than usual, and the cream filling tasted milder. Hence, my favorite variation yet.

Impromptu dessert stop at Baskin Robbins.