“Doughnut Croissant.”

Found at our local Safeway on 15th Avenue and John Street. Go now. Four for $5.

In my opinion, these were better than the one’s at Ba Bar. Do you see all of the layers???

Apologies for the dark pictures. They would have looked better during the day (and not in the dark parking lot where we devoured a first one), but these things barely survived the night…


One of my favorite restaurants got a pair of wheels! So excited to try their mobile offering. Spotted on 2nd Avenue and Pike Street.

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes of Scotland.

Marshmallow, chocolate and biscuit.

His new shoes. I swear he’s out-fashioning me by the minute.


Chinese New Year’s Cake, or Nian Gao, gift.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Candy time, ladies.

8oz. Burger Bar again.

Food posts galore lately! I guess it’s pretty obvious what I’ve been up to.

As mentioned here, this place cooks up a great burger and a variety of sides to satisfy either your healthy or naughty side.

Also, how much better are my pictures this time? So much better.

Fillet of Fish, chosen fried. because. fried.

Veggie burger on a pretzel bun.

The fish fillet ended up a little sloppy, but the flavor combination of pickle, tartar, cilantro and avocado was great.