This is my spirit uniform. 

Has my obsession with French Bulldogs been shared? I’m sure it’s crept through here and there, but you can take this post as my official declaration. (!!! )

Ideally, my spirit uniform would include some cute culottes or (let’s be real) leggings, but it’s been 85+ degrees here. Please excuse the jorts.

T-Shirt by Choke Shirt Company purchased at Retail Therapy on Capitol Hill.

It’s gonna be…

…a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day.

David and I were talking about how this summer has been the hottest Seattle summer we can remember in a long time. Do you feel the same? I mean, is this global warming? As you know, I’m a temperate type of person, so all of this 85+ degrees nonsense is making it hard for me to truly enjoy time outside of my air conditioned bedroom. 


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