Treat yo self. Right now.

I just picked up this robe (literally, two hours ago), and it’s the softest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping around my body. The Kennebunk Spa Robe is currently on sale at Nordstrom both in store and online. Pick one up, cue up “Fireplace For Your Home” on Netflix and your Saturday night is set.



Weekend sun and discoveries. Have you been to Melrose Market on Capitol Hill? Although the market itself is quite small, MM is surrounded by good eats, drinks and interesting trinket, clothing or furniture shops like Glasswing (make sure to walk up Pine Street towards 14th Ave.). I suggest you spend a lazy Sunday morning in this neighborhood brunching, strolling, snacking and shopping.


Plants of all types and sizes at Glasswing.


Shelves-full of them.


Butter Home has interesting trinkets for the home, and cute jewelry or bags for an accessory-rich girl.


Shopping men’s shirts at Club Monaco.


Early coffee and baguette at Cafe Presse; it’s not often that you see it so empty, and even less often that you get to sit in the corner booth.




Goodies from Ba Bar. We are on a pastry kick. Because pastries.


Eggs and broccoli. Two of my favorite foods.

L.A. Diary

Some more facets of our weekend; featuring lots of sun. I feel like an ungrateful Seattleite, but 85 degrees was much too hot for me.

The Ivy.

Good morning @ Serena’s beautiful home.


Excited for a chance to wear my printed pants.

Outfit & grass.

Homage to our night before at The Edison.

Beverly Hills.

Street art downtown.

Discovery of this amazing sticker store came twenty years too late. @ 3rd ave. Farmer’s Market.

L.A. Foliage is not like Seattle’s.

The Grove.



Sunday Brunch.


Trinkets in Little Tokyo. There were Daiso-esque discount shops on every corner with the cutest little finds; I had to convince myself that bunny chopstick holders and kitty shaped rice molders are not necessary. However, $2.50 head tingler/massagers were a steal and definitely NECESSARY.

Softest Throw.

David’s couch is spacious, soft and oh-so-comfortable, but it could use a blanket or two. For Valentine’s Day, I got him a “Softest throw” from West Elm, and it really is the softest throw around. The dimensions are on the small side, but it’s enough to keep one person cozy, or two people comfortable. What I love most about the color (Pine Needle) is the ombre transition from deep emerald to jade green from end to end. How beautiful would a draped sweater in this effect look?

I am currently coveting this chartreusey version, and think another purchase is necessary. His and hers, right?

Update: they are out of the chartreuse online, but you can see it in the picture with every color. Sad day.