20 Questions.

We all played “20 Questions” (or some variation of it) growing up, but did you ever play the electronic version that was big in the early 2000s? I’m a sucker for board games, but my obsession with this little power house was long-lived (it was basically my coolest electronic device before cell phones). How can such a small nugget pack enough mojo to guess what I’m thinking almost every single time? I don’t know, but I found it last week and am still in shock at the results. 

“Hamster,” “sail boat,” “camera,” “electric fan.”

 It. Got. Every. Single. One. HOW?


Netflix finds.

Reading lists are popular among bloggers, but to be frank, I don’t read that much. My work involves reading ALL DAY LONG, and I simply don’t have the stamina when I’m home. So, for now…


I’m a Netflix junkie. It’s been said before, and I state with conviction that I am still obsessed. With the “Hola” browser extension, I’ve been scouring international Netflix sites for the best that different countries have to offer. Below are some of my recent favorites.

TV shows:

  • Orphan Black (available on U.K.): Sci Fi/Mystery/Thriller
  • The Tudors: a must-watch if you’re obsessed with English history and rulers
  • Black Mirror (available on U.K.): reminiscent of The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, but on a different level and without a filter of any kind (it is British).
  • Revenge: Season 3 was recently added to Netflix, and the 25 year old in me is pleased.
  • The Nanny (available on Canada): classic Fran can’t be beat.
  • The Killing: If you watched Season 3 and were as confused as we were by the series “finale,” you’ll find Netflix’s resurrection of the show for a proper finale decent and necessary.


  •  World War Z: if you haven’t seen it, watch it. The best zombie/apocalypse movie.
  • Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace: again, a must watch if you enjoy English history. His reign and six wives are fascinating to learn about!
  • The Best Offer (available on Canada): two words – psychological intrigue. You’ll enjoy this if you liked The Thomas Crown Affair.
  • Monsters: suspenseful alien-on-earth-based-thriller that’s falls somewhere between District 9 and this year’s Godzilla reboot.

Happy viewing!  Is there anything you’ve watched that I might enjoy?



Recent eats.


Greek Salmon plate at Lola for lunch.


Sesame noodles with black bean bitter melon and peppers.


Fisher Fair scones. I realized we forgot to mix in chocolate chips, so the above is a last ditch attempt to somehow incorporate them.


Grits with avocado, peppers and shrimp.


We finally tried Monga Cafe: another Taiwanese addition to the amazing Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants currently in Bellevue.

I love the vintage photos that adorn their walls.


Bean curd and seaweed side dishes.


Of course, we tried their Beef Noodle Soup (niu rou mian). The flavor was there, but it wasn’t my favorite (see my post on Din Tai Fung). I prefer a lighter, less greasy broth and thicker noodles. 


Taiwanese shaved ice with fresh taro, red bean and taro/sweet potato glutinous balls. Though the Beef Noodle Soup is not among my top favorites, the shaved ice here far surpassed that of Din Tai Fung. We will be going back to try some rice dishes like the Lu Rou Fan (traditional braised pork rice), but a visit for shaved ice would be totally acceptable as well.



“EAT AT”…. any guesses? Check the tags for a clue.


Our own Capitol Hill Abbey? Speaking of Abbey, Season 5 of Downton just started in the UK. Unfortunately, this means we won’t see it in the states for yet another couple of months. P.S. it sounds like George Clooney is making an appearance.


Colored shadows.


Fried sweet buns from 663 Bistro.


Korean BBQ farewell dinner for my bestie Emily. She’s moving down to Silicon Valley for her start up WriteBeta. I’m so proud of her. More to come on WB. In the meantime, check it out!


Bulk bin finds at Whole Foods: Jade rice and sea salt.