Valentine’s Lobster Rolls.

David, being the master chef that he is, made fresh Lobster Rolls for Valentine’s Day. We’ve talked about making them before, but it’s not exactly an easy Monday night, post-work sort of meal.

Imagine lobster seasoned with garlic and tossed in mayonnaise. Now picture that eaten between a buttery bun. Now it’s ten times better than what you just imagined, right? We love Hawaiian style Macaroni Salad and are well-acquainted with using mayonnaise in our cooking, so adding butter to the mix was the perfect indulgence for a sweet Valentine’s day together.








Hungry yet?

Dinner party.

Dinner parties are much more delicious at 28 than they were at 25. Pizzas and cold cuts from the deli aisle have been replaced with home cooked dishes presented on beautiful porcelain ware; goodbye styrofoam and pint glasses from local breweries. Dinner at Gordon and Qiao’s always involves a bounty of delicious Chinese food, but never anything to help with. Qiao does it all on her own and is the most gracious host. After dinner, she prepares tea in an assortment of delicate cups that she’s picked up over many years and travels. After a night of food and laughs, we head home by nine just in time for a Netflix movie before bed. 28 is great.