A few weekends ago, we took his Chinese kite for a flying session at Cal Anderson Park.

This day was windy enough for the occasion, but the clear skies you see mean it was very, very cold. After a few bouts of diligent trial and error, he engineered a smart method of keeping the kite in flight. All the while, I lazily surfed Twitter with a scarf wrapped around my face to keep it from freezing off.

“Oh, boys,” I thought.

“Ha. Girls,” he thought.

Stay warm and enjoy the holiday weekend.


Happy day of thanks to everyone, and thank you to my followers, viewers, pinners and stumbleuponers.

Take some time to be lazy today, you surely deserve it. –Serena

Noms as of late:

Soondubu Jjigae from Shilla. I love soondubu very much.

Teriyaki Salmon.

Korean pancake.

Cooking with vegetables.


Bite size vegetable saute.

Gourmet grilled cheese.

A quick assortment for dinner.


Birthday lunch for David’s dog Jack.

Delicious cheese and ham paninis.

Channeling his inner Jesse Pinkman in high school era sweats. Ah, the “glory days.”

Birthday pup.

On stand by for birthday scraps.

Happy Hour at Barrio with Steph.

Finished with Dan Brown’s Inferno. Now reading China Road by Rob Gifford.

I’m open to a discussion on Inferno, let me know your thoughts…