Oh, Randy – Randy, Randy, Randy. How do I describe you, you crazy little horse.

Saturday featured the “recreational activity” of our choice. Options included a bike tour with a brewery stop, fly fishing, river rafting, beginners horseback riding, experienced horseback riding… experienced…?? Intriguing. A couple weeks leading up to the trip, a few co-workers and I decided that a couple days of horse camp in middle school, or a few pony rides at the zoo in 5th grade were equally considered “experience” in our minds. So, at that point, I haphazardly signed up for “experienced” horseback riding. When I woke up Saturday morning for our 9:30 AM roll call, I could see that most of us were regretting the anticipated six hour riding experience that we were forewarned about. Let’s just say, we all got a little silly at the Hoe Down the night before.

After an hour long drive to the trails, we were ready for some riding. That’s when I met Randy. Randy likes to snack, and he does so with conviction. Totally understandable. But all of the snacking was quite a distraction, and combined with his rambunctious personality, I did not have the greatest time. Some low lights of the ride include: sliding off Randy while he bent a little too low for a snack, stopping Randy from biting the other horses, and surviving the terrifying ravines and drops of the trails. All in all, the company of other riders, and the hospitality of our guides made the “experience” completely worth it.

Also, I was sore for a couple days after the fact, so I’m convinced I got in some kind of a work out.



AMAZING brownies our guide’s husband made for us (adorable).

Happy trails and tails.

Hoe down.

What better way to get a weekend in Suncadia started than a classic Hoe Down? Unbeknownst to me, there are adorable “farms” speckled around the state that serve as awesome reception and event locations.  Set among the beautiful trees and spacious plains of Central Washington, this picturesque little farm area is located a few miles outside of Suncadia Resort. The night included corn tossing (which I still have no idea how to play or why we would want to play this), pony rides, delicious barbecue and a surprisingly popular mechanical bull – let’s just say, lofty goals were made that night, and achieved on said mechanical bull. Yee-haw.

Suncadia, WA.

The best gifts are those of relaxation and celebration. My company heralded it’s 25th anniversary this month by sending us all to the Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, WA. We rolled in at least 130 employees deep, so it was quite the surprise to be treated to our own beautiful rooms (see below). Activities and events included a Hoe Down and horseback riding that will all be separately featured later this week. The weekend was basically a gorge-fest of food and drinks, but there’s no better way I can think of celebrating this momentous and well-earned achievement.

Our accommodations at “The Lodge” were spectacular. Rooms are spacious, well-equipped and modern. My room had a kitchenette with a mid-sized refrigerator, sink, stove-top and cupboard filled with dish, glass and silverware. Some friends of mine were put up in rooms with a washer-dryer and full kitchen (one even had a hot tub!). If you are looking for rooms that will accommodate families or large groups, but still want the attention and service of hotel staff, this is the perfect place to stay. I can’t say much about the cost, as my company graciously covered everything, but I’m sure it is fairly-priced for what you get. Some things to note: the ceiling of my room was a little thin (I could hear kids upstairs running around in the morning), and food options are basically non-existent past 11:30PM around the resort. Aside from these things of note, my stay was great. The view is breathtaking, and the recreational options at the resort are truly endless.


Week day.

Although it’s still August, the end of Summer will come sooner than I realize; it always happens like this. As the time for bright colored summer separates and ice cream socials comes to an end, it’s nice to reflect on the fun summer-time-only activities I’ve done so far, and think about what other plans are yet to be made before the rain of October. Last week consisted of lunch outings, dinner with friends and ice cream at work. Still to be accomplished: summer kayaking and hiking.

In the meantime, I’m still working off that crazy Toms shoe tan.


Dinner at Poquitos on Capitol Hill.


Ice cream social at work catered by Peaks Frozen Custard on Capitol Hill.