Suncadia, WA.

The best gifts are those of relaxation and celebration. My company heralded it’s 25th anniversary this month by sending us all to the Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, WA. We rolled in at least 130 employees deep, so it was quite the surprise to be treated to our own beautiful rooms (see below). Activities and events included a Hoe Down and horseback riding that will all be separately featured later this week. The weekend was basically a gorge-fest of food and drinks, but there’s no better way I can think of celebrating this momentous and well-earned achievement.

Our accommodations at “The Lodge” were spectacular. Rooms are spacious, well-equipped and modern. My room had a kitchenette with a mid-sized refrigerator, sink, stove-top and cupboard filled with dish, glass and silverware. Some friends of mine were put up in rooms with a washer-dryer and full kitchen (one even had a hot tub!). If you are looking for rooms that will accommodate families or large groups, but still want the attention and service of hotel staff, this is the perfect place to stay. I can’t say much about the cost, as my company graciously covered everything, but I’m sure it is fairly-priced for what you get. Some things to note: the ceiling of my room was a little thin (I could hear kids upstairs running around in the morning), and food options are basically non-existent past 11:30PM around the resort. Aside from these things of note, my stay was great. The view is breathtaking, and the recreational options at the resort are truly endless.



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