Gorgeous greens.

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How stunning is this salad from The Carlile Room?

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Delicious salsa verde and wine with my girl Heidi. @ Barrio.


Sushiland in Queen Anne.

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Cold sesame noodles with chicken and cucumber.

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Rotisserie chicken and greens. 

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Dinner at Seven Star Peppers.

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Breakfast at Cherry Street Coffee house. Their Falafel Salad is my all time favorite for a quick lunch or a healthy breakfast. Salad for breakfast? Yep. 

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My favorite Chinese vegetable is Kong Xin Cai (“empty heart” vegetable due to it’s hollow stems). Malay Satay makes a great dish with shrimp paste and garlic.

Salmon with Kale Linguini.

This one is fairly simple and was really done on a whim. David is excellent at pan frying salmon (extra crispy skin, please!) and I love cooking quick pasta, so it made sense to each tackle one part of dinner and combine the end results.


Salmon: Prepare to your liking. David typically lays the filet’s skin side down on a well-oiled saute pan. Make sure to cover the salmon with the lid for the first few minutes to ensure the inside cooks evenly. For the skin to stay crisp, don’t move the filets until they’re done cooking (about 7-10 minutes depending on the size of each piece).


To create the crispy salmon skin garnish, we chopped up both skins and toasted the pieces in the oven until they started to raise off the pan.


Pasta: Saute kale and peas in olive oil with salt and pepper. Set aside. Prepare pasta noodles to your liking, but al dente is best. Once the noodles are done, add two tablespoons of olive oil to the kale mixture and toss in the noodles and a few teaspoons of salt (I like my noodles really salty, so I usually add an additional 2 teaspoons if I’ve made enough for two heaping servings).


Plate the noodles, then top with the salmon filets and skin crisps.


Now eat.



Sushi Maru.


Seared salmon.


Spider roll.


Apple pie caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


Homemade choa mian.


Pancakes at Daily Grill.


Cantonese food at Pacific Cafe.


Hong Kong is famous for these “bakes.” This variation has fried pork over fried rice drenched in sweet tomato sauce.


Vegetable chao fun.


Cantonese pastries: Pineapple bun and coconut cream bun.


Homemade clam chowder using lobster stock from our Valentine’s Day rolls :)

Valentine’s Lobster Rolls.

David, being the master chef that he is, made fresh Lobster Rolls for Valentine’s Day. We’ve talked about making them before, but it’s not exactly an easy Monday night, post-work sort of meal.

Imagine lobster seasoned with garlic and tossed in mayonnaise. Now picture that eaten between a buttery bun. Now it’s ten times better than what you just imagined, right? We love Hawaiian style Macaroni Salad and are well-acquainted with using mayonnaise in our cooking, so adding butter to the mix was the perfect indulgence for a sweet Valentine’s day together.








Hungry yet?