Ways to live longer.

Sometimes I don’t take advice very well, …as is the nature of most know-it-alls. However, mom’s “Ways to live longer” is a cute reminder of what truly matters in life: health and happiness. Though some of her suggestions may have been lost in translation, i.e. “be rich,” the general idea is universal.

Will do, mom.




Fried rice with peas, broccoli, chicken and egg.

Congee from Hong Kong Bistro.

General Tsao’s Chicken.

Korean-style spicy seafood noodle soup from Yea’s Wok in Bellevue.


Taiwanese sauteed Kong Xin Cai.

Beef and green onion.

Bay shrimp and papaya salad from Icon Grill downtown.


Hide and seek.


Mustard graffiti.

Sitting room tucked under the first Cherry St. Coffee House in Pioneer Square.

Pretty installation in the BCBG store downtown.

Cute house for sale on Boren Avenue on First Hill.

Danny Woo Children’s Garden in the International District.

You can feel the decades of history and labor poured into Woo’s garden. It’s a shame it took me so long to find out about this treasure.

Cotton candy sky.