I feel like I’m tired all of the time. Having averaged 9-10 hours of sleep a night during the last few months and being at about 6-7 now (which I realize is a luxury for some people) is quite a change, but I’m getting used to it. This was one of the first weeks where I felt like my days seemed regular and the exhaustion was much more manageable. In a previous post, I briefly mentioned my desire to cook more. This still holds true. However, it is fun to see all of the pictures of what I’m eating around town, no? Hopefully my next post about what I’ve been up to “lately” involves an oven.

The next generation of potted plants.


Enjoying the last of Spring’s flowers.

On the Seattle University campus.


New line of pastries at Starbucks: La Boulange.

David recently told me what “stalemate” means. Yes, I’ve gone 26 years pretending I knew what people meant. This is our kind of stalemate.

Pup on Pike Street.

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