Double date.

We met one of my best friends for a double date in Wallingford last week. Our plan was to dine at Joule, the sister restaurant to Revel by Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi. I’ve heard great things about both places and have yet to get a table without a minimum one and a half hour wait. My mistake was assuming a place as such wouldn’t take reservations. I assumed wrong. They do. So, take that information and do something great with it.

After some quick thinking, we decided to go to Tilth (by James Beard Award winner and Iron Chef Maria Hines). The last time I was there, I had the vegetarian five course tasting menu. It was a unique tasting experience. I have sampled other prix fixe menus at restaurants like The Herbfarm and Crush (my absolute favorite), and the one at Tilth is on the lighter side. The dishes were simple and the portions much smaller. For the price, it is worth a try if you would spend the same amount in large plates and appetizers. We decided to forgo the tasting menu on this occasion. but true to form, the dishes were seasonally inspired and the decor of the restaurant screamed “boutique northwest” (even down to the little bug on my menu. RIP).

Chilled soup.

Carnaroli Risotto with pine nut, seasonal mushroom, english pea. Adjusted vegan.

I am not vegan, just difficult.

Mini Duck Burgers with fingerling chips.

Post-date frozen yogurt at Yogurtland.


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