In 2007, my Junior year of college, I left Seattle for a semester abroad in Shanghai China. I grew up speaking Mandarin with my family, so though I’m not fluent by any means, living there came naturally to me. There were bouts of extreme homesickness driven by the the constant likeness of home around me, but it not being exactly that. What got me through those weeks were the few individuals who I am so happy to still call my good friends eight years later. The distance between us is about as great as it can be in the U.S. (two in New York and one in Chicago), but we reunited for Jean’s wedding in Baltimore last weekend and it’s almost ridiculous how naturally we picked things up again. Every memory from Shanghai could have been re-enacted as if no time had passed. The laughter between us was infectious (assuming we let you in on the joke) and never-ending. 

The wedding was held at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore and to say the venue was stunning is a gross understatement. Every detail from Jean’s blushing gown to the couple’s perfect waltz was beautifully received and unique to the both of them. Like I told Jean, the night felt like a fairy tale – Beauty and the Beast to be exact. 

“Yeah and I’m the Beast,” she responded :)

Cheers to Albert and Jean! 

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Blue skies.

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Baltimore Inner Harbor.

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Jean and Noah.

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Breakfast in bed.

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Cafe in Little Italy.

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Eggplant Parmesan and Orecchiette.

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George Peabody Library. Breathtaking, right?

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Jean and Albert :)

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Tables named by the location of their travels together. It took us forever to figure out how to pronounce “Aix.” Half of us were convinced the “x” was silent and the other half had no idea. It’s pronounced “Ex.”

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 Jin, my girlfriend from UW and a fellow Seattleite.

Summer sky.

These shots were taken on August 25th at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. Breathtaking, right? We were there a few weekends ago to attend the wedding of David’s friend Barry. The wedding was small enough for all of the guests to share one table with the bride and groom, allowing us to partake in their nuptial bliss. It is quite rare to all dine together, as weddings seem to have become less intimate and more extravagant, so it was quite the privilege to be honored by the beautiful and the betrothed couple in this way. “The Beautiful and the Betrothed,” sounds like a soap opera.

As a complement to their perfect night, the sunset was absolutely incredible and a beautiful way to celebrate them both.