David made these Cauliflower Buffalo Bites for the Superbowl Party we attended a few weeks ago. It was a fair-weather party if I’m to be honest, so don’t come to me for commentary on Seahawks or football next season. I was skeptical about these faux-wings, but the end result combined the tangy and spicy taste of traditional buffalo sauce with the crisp starchiness of potato bites, which just inspires me to try this recipe with potatoes instead of cauliflower next year. Leave it to me to find a way to de-health-ify a clean-eating alternative.





Happy day of thanks to everyone, and thank you to my followers, viewers, pinners and stumbleuponers.

Take some time to be lazy today, you surely deserve it. –Serena

Noms as of late:

Soondubu Jjigae from Shilla. I love soondubu very much.

Teriyaki Salmon.

Korean pancake.

Cooking with vegetables.


Bite size vegetable saute.

Gourmet grilled cheese.

A quick assortment for dinner.

Terra Plata.

Every time I go to Terra Plata for brunch, I make sure to go with a reservation made. The funny thing is, I never need one. This stumps me because the food is so, so good and brunch is such a coveted occasion for Seattle folk. Ingredients are fresh and unique, but the dish compositions are not snooty in any “we’re farm-to-table, organic, local, homegrown, etc.” regard (and please note the staff are not as snooty as someone who uses the word “composition” to describe a dish).

You must give this place a try and make a reservation to be safe.


House-made granola with fruit, nuts, honey and yogurt.

Blistered Shishito Peppers with aioli. My first time, but not to be my last.

Savory Hash. My usual favorite.



Korean lunch box.


Homemade chicken soup with vegetables.


Cabbage, onions, mushrooms and chicken.


Food court Chinese. My guilty pleasure.


His, too.


Chirashi at Fuji Sushi.

Pork and roll bun at Lemongrass in First Hill. Dim lighting means shoddy pictures.

Combo bun.

Napa cabbage and chicken.

Asparagus with beef.