Back home.

We took the train back home to Seattle, and the ride felt surprisingly quick. We made it to Seattle about 20 minutes early, which, on a Sunday night, is a very good thing. I started Dan Brown’s newest book Inferno while on the way back, and read it between naps. As you may have noticed, I love a good thriller/suspense novel. After spending months finishing 1300 pages of The Passage series, I look forward to breezing through this fast paced book, per typical Brown style.

Union Station in Portland.

Amtrak Portland to Seattle.

Brought these for the train ride, polished them off within a few minutes of boarding.

Newly renovated King Street Station in Seattle.

Pretty new details.

Shiny new tiling.

Train ride.

We left for Portland on Friday and were able to enjoy some well-lit scenery because of Solstice. One highlight of the ride included seeing the nice parks and new developments at the Tacoma Waterfront. We’re making it a point to take a drive down there for a day, as we’ve never been before. Although the ride included a few stops and operated at a moderate pace (nothing too exhilarating), it was great to get to Portland early, if not right on time. Unlike driving, train traffic is nearly non-existent, and we often forget how little time we get, but want, to just stare out a window and gaze.

King Street Station.

Snack and hydration for the ride.

Jackson Street entrance.

Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Portland in 3 hours and 40 minutes(-).

Korean Sushi.

Welcome Aboard!

Puget Sound past Tacoma.

Sparkling water.

Shifting clouds.

Near Vancouver, WA.

Arriving in Portland.

More of Portland to come!