Sichuanese Cuisine.

This place is a Lee Family favorite and the setting for years of celebratory dinners and catch up sessions. There are locations in Seattle (International District) and Redmond that are both run by a hospitable and warm family-friend-family. Story goes, my mom met the wife-boss back in the early 90s when Chinese and Taiwanese families were still fairly dispersed in the Bellevue/Redmond area. Imagine two moms, each alone in the Sears parking lot with young children, trying to navigate the city. It makes sense that knowing glances would turn to smiles then long-lasting conversation and eventually a friendship.


Spicy bean curd with pork.


Sauteed pea vines.


Pan braised fish in sweet and spicy sauce.


Pork sauteed with cucumber and wood ear mushrooms.


Green onion pancake.


Pork and tofu stew.


Kauai Family Restaurant.

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Hawaiian food at Kauai Family Restaurant with David’s sister and baby niece who were visiting from the U.K.

(Mary is new to Hawaiian food, but familiar with our raving about it, so a visit to KFR was absolutely critical.)


Tuna poke.


Crispy ginger chicken.


Kalua pork plate.


Breakfast plate with spam.

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The best sheet cake in Seattle at Cakes of Paradise.

These cakes are incredibly moist and covered in light, whipped frosting that’s not too sweet. Imagine the soft texture of angel cake with the density of pudding cake in unique tropical flavors like coconut, guava and passion fruit. Now stop imagining it because you’ll grow frustrated that you’re not there buying a slice right now.


Haupia (coconut pudding) cake.


Guava cake – my favorite.

Restaurant Roux

In honor of Mardi Gras, Sinae and I had dinner at Roux, Matt of “Where Ya At Matt?” food truck’s latest culinary contribution to Seattle.


Creole and French influences.


Hush puppies with cheddar and jalapeno. I don’t normally eat cheese except for on pizza, of course, but I made an exception for these. They were delicious and incredibly crisp on the outside – necessary when successfully making HPs.


Pomme frites.


Beet salad.


I was too distracted by my hunger and forgot to take a shot of the fried chicken, but I hope this group shot speaks to you as it does for me. Man, I need some friend chicken right now.

My favorite is still Ma’Ono’s version, but Roux’s has moved past Kingfish Cafe’s fried chicken to second place in my opinion (RIP Kingfish, in more ways than one). Though Roux’s plate is a tad more affordable than Ma’Ono, and a bit less fussy (there’s no implication that the plate could and should be shared between multiple diners). It comes with sauce and two pickled okras. Simple as that.