What we ate (& drank): Portland.

Lots of Asian food, per usual.


Thai from E-San Thai.


Breakfast in bed :) I almost never request room service, but I wanted to start Sunday on a lazier note. The quality and taste of the food was excellent. Well worth the premium.


Cantonese food from Good Taste in Old Chinatown.


Incredibly authentic Beef Chow Fun.


Minced pork sauce over egg noodles.


My personal favorite: preserved egg and minced pork congee.


Seared salmon from Sushiland.


Drinks from Daily Grill.


It’s been a while since our last trip to Portland (Summer Solstice 2013 – I won’t forget it) and partly because we could get down there hands-free and within 2.5 hours thanks to Bolt Bus, we decided to head down for a quick weekend trip.  Back when I first graduated college, my focus was on food trucks, Voodoo Donuts and the nightlife. Without surprise, I didn’t give into any of those past temptations; and on this trip, opted to enjoy drinks at a hotel bar, forgo dessert and eat what sounded good, not what was “trending.” Just because. I often joke about my accelerated sense of old age, but 28 has been free of self-imposed expectations to do what I think I “should” be doing. It’s nice to finally just be. As long as I’m done “being” before my 9PM bedtime.

Strolls around the Pearl district have replaced dizzying schleps outside of night clubs and I’m very happy about it.

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King Street Station from the Bolt Bus.


Relics of old Chinatown.


Food stall square.


My favorite corner to photograph (near where the Pearl District hits Downtown).



Brick and mortar.


Believe it or not, this wasn’t me.


We stayed at the Heathman Hotel primarily because of its location Downtown, and also because of it’s spooky past. The Heathman is known as one of the PNW’s most haunted places, though we didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary aside from discovering that 50 Shades of Grey takes place there. That was haunting enough.


Shopping local.


Powell’s Books at night.


Here are more interesting finds from Cargo, the most amazing imports store in Portland. These items remind me of what lay hidden in my grandmother’s home; the little trinkets and memorabilia I found fascinating as a child.


Old photos, game pieces and letters. Eerie to think where these came from and where they will end up.

Back home.

We took the train back home to Seattle, and the ride felt surprisingly quick. We made it to Seattle about 20 minutes early, which, on a Sunday night, is a very good thing. I started Dan Brown’s newest book Inferno while on the way back, and read it between naps. As you may have noticed, I love a good thriller/suspense novel. After spending months finishing 1300 pages of The Passage series, I look forward to breezing through this fast paced book, per typical Brown style.

Union Station in Portland.

Amtrak Portland to Seattle.

Brought these for the train ride, polished them off within a few minutes of boarding.

Newly renovated King Street Station in Seattle.

Pretty new details.

Shiny new tiling.