Beauty buy.


My skin has always been the most familiar yet bewildering part of me. According to my middle school convictions, it was oily, then it was sensitive for a few years in high school, and then it was somewhere in the middle, or “combination,” for the last few years. So, when I found a beauty routine that worked well for my face, I stuck to it. Each morning consists of a few swipes of mineral powder, then spot coverage where needed. The “where needed” part feels like my entire face sometimes. After that, I’ll underscore my cheekbones with a darker shade of powder, fill in my sparse brows then apply some mascara. Anything beyond that requires additional ambition saved for the weekend or occasions that might involve an open bar.

When purchasing my Ibuki Cleanser, Nordstrom included a sample of Bobbi Brown’s BB cream with SPF 35. Since I really thought I had my makeup routine down like clock work, I didn’t think to try BB cream despite the buzz surrounding it. …. By now, I think you see where this post is going. 

After finally trying the sample last weekend, I immediately purchased the real thing. My face feels moisturized and looks brilliantly smooth after hours of wear. The application is completely different from what I’m used to and going from brush to sponge or fingers has been daunting, but the results are worth the change. An eraser sized droplet of cream can do more than any other face product I can imagine in that amount. My skin can look shiny without make up, and mineral powder could only do so much without looking cakey. Now my skin stays supple while looking matte for hours.

If you’re at Nordstrom or Sephora, ask them for a sample and let me know what you think. The desperate and beauty obsessed middle schooler in me will be cheering you on!

Skin saviors.


A good contouring brush – I’m lucky to have pretty strong cheekbones, but the rest of my face looks one dimensional without some help during the paler winter months. A quick “brush” up using Sephora’s Pro Angled Contour #75 and a powder that’s a few shades darker than my natural skin goes a long way in slimming my face.

Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser – The pure scent, velvet lather and light exfoliation, all reasons this cleanser is my new favorite. My skin has migrated from combination to sensitive and dry since my mid-20s. This cleanser leaves a silky layer of moisture on my skin through the morning and creates a soft foundation for even make up application.

Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve – David first introduced me to this when he was looking for a nice beard salve. I use it where my skin is really dry, and though it doesn’t feel like it’s penetrating and “fixing” my skin, it is extremely moisturizing and helps to relive itching or irritation from dry skin. The ingredients are primarily natural oils, beeswax, etc., and for that reason, I’ve used this on every decent party of my body.


Moments from my birthday.



Birthday plant.


Dinner at Alibi Room where David and I had our second date.


Market stroll.



Thanks to the Annual Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition, blocks Downtown were closed to cars and we were able to wander through the streets at our own pace.


Birthday treats to myself and for being part of their Beauty Insider program.


David’s avocado and egg breakfast sandwich.



Decisions, decisions… for my company holiday party.


First meal after a night of celebration.

Thank you David for another memorable birthday filled with surprises and loved ones xoxoxo.

Currently watching.

Do you watch Shark Tank on ABC? We’ve recently become pretty obsessed with this show, and a 24/7 availability of past seasons on YouTube just feed my new addiction. The basic premise is entrepreneurs selling a stake in their business or product idea to various “sharks” for investment, capital and expert knowledge. Of course, there are dud ideas that seem to have only been given the chance for our entertainment* (it is reality TV, after all), but the show is serious and changing lives. Including mine.

We watched an episode that featured The Spatty, and I need one. The tiny spatula is designed to reach the bottom of a bottle or jar so you can reach that last amount of product with ease. For me, the Spatty replaces my using a pinky finger to scrape  those extra, but precious, drops of expensive serums and lotions that I hate throwing away. The creator mentioned that up to 20% of product is thrown away due to this type of issue. 20% is crazy! I have spent far too many hours trying to think of ways to not be wasteful, so this simple tool is exactly what I need. Girls, do you feel me?

I don’t have one (yet), but I will post an update once I try it out.

*Check out “Cougar Energy”