Dong Thap Noodles.

Dong Thap Noodles opened on a modest corner near 12th Ave. and Jackson St., just a few blocks before one of my favorite restaurants in the city (Sichuanese Cuisine) and where the International District begins. Because of this, we’ve walked by it’s bright and clean storefront a countless number of times, but without any intention of visiting. Admittedly, we have our go to for Vietnamese food, and I’m all about limiting any type of decisions related to food when possible (just ask David). It wasn’t until we started to hear buzz about Dong Thap from multiple sources that we realized we may have been missing out on a new gem. So at last, we went in for dinner on a quiet Sunday and were thoroughly impressed.

When you google Dong Thap Noodles, the most popular mention that comes up is their fresh made noodles. In my pho, the noodles were thick, chewy and surprisingly unique to each bite, which really highlighted how homemade they were. The meat was noteworthy as well. When there’s nothing “wrong” that I can remember – “too tough, chewy, dry…” – I consider it good.

I liked it so much that I proudly inaugurate Dong Thap to my list of best Seattle pho alongside Ba Bar and Than Brothers (insert “hand clapping” emoji here). 


Fried spring rolls.

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Coconut juice.

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Medium combination pho. 


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Drinks at the new Habitant bar and lounge. For having perfected the shopping experience, Nordstrom makes a killer drink, too.


Rooftop terrace at Terra Plata. One of the warm weather delights of Capitol Hill.


Nothing beats a hot bowl of Soon du bu.



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Taiwanese food delivery from Henry’s Taiwan in the International District.


Seattle skyline from the edge of Beacon Hill.

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New running shoes. 

Chinese food.

Lots of it. 


 Taiwanese style seafood fried noodles at Yi Pin Taiwanese Cuisine in Bellevue.


Salt and pepper spare ribs.


Miso “fish.” Embarrassingly, we couldn’t quite figure out exactly what type of fish this was. The filet was  creamy, white and broke into delicate flakes at each bite. Delicious.


Pumpkin and tofu seafood stew.


Amazing fried tofu at “Hue Ky Mi Gia” Chinese Noodle House in the International District. The batter tasted like panko bread crumbs and stayed crisp, while the soft tofu inside was firm without feeling greasy. I would go back just for this appetizer.


Pan fried vermicelli with tofu and vegetables.


 Egg noodle soup with BBQ duck.



Coffee and sweets for breakfast @ Ba Bar. Typical.


Dinner with my niecy (Kristan) @ King Noodle. This is one kind of checklist that I don’t mind looking through. It’s too bad I can’t check everything off!


Beef balls, brisket and QQ noodles.


Cabbage, mushroom, seaweed and vermicelli noodles.


Samurai Noodle, a Seattle favorite for Ramen and Japanese snack staples like Takoyaki and Gyoza.


Spicy Miso Ramen with pork, bamboo and corn.


Dipping noodles with pork and bamboo.