My family’s Thanksgiving tradition is quite simple. We know that we’ll always be together and that there will be A LOT of Chinese food. Classic dishes are roasted duck, sweet and sour prawns and my mom’s famous baked salmon.

We’ll always welcome a classic Thanksgiving dish or two, and this year, my family loved David’s sweet potato casserole.

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Roasted Duck.


David’s Chinese “Squirrel” Fish (not actually squirrel).


Baked Salmon (my brother caught the fish!)


Pan fried noodles.


Spicy bean curd with pork.


Sweet and sour prawns.


The spread.

Denny Creek Trail.

Denny Creek Trail in the Snoqualmie/North Bend region is within an hour’s drive from Seattle and has many natural stopping points at the one mile and two mile marks that make it an easy roundtrip hike for families. We climbed up past Keekwulee Falls falls and stopped by the creek around the 3-3.5 mile mark for a lunch of foldovers and apples. Most hikers continued past this point in hopes of reaching “the lake,” which at the time we had no idea about. Even right now, I’m looking online and can’t find mention of this lake on the Denny Creek site. I guess there’s a second hike in store for us. This trail was the perfect length, altitude and condition for our Labor Day weekend hike. Admittedly, Sinae and I spent most of the time chatting rather than admiring the views, but that’s what pictures are for :)

We hiked a little over seven miles in three hours, roundtrip. 

Valentine’s Lobster Rolls.

David, being the master chef that he is, made fresh Lobster Rolls for Valentine’s Day. We’ve talked about making them before, but it’s not exactly an easy Monday night, post-work sort of meal.

Imagine lobster seasoned with garlic and tossed in mayonnaise. Now picture that eaten between a buttery bun. Now it’s ten times better than what you just imagined, right? We love Hawaiian style Macaroni Salad and are well-acquainted with using mayonnaise in our cooking, so adding butter to the mix was the perfect indulgence for a sweet Valentine’s day together.








Hungry yet?

New Year’s Day and brunch.

Seven years have passed since I studied abroad in Shanghai and met some amazing people from around the country. Some of whom I still call my true friends. Jean lives in Chicago and has always held down the East Coast while I’ve stayed over here in Seattle, but we make the most of our reunions when it’s like no time has passed at all. We laugh like crazy people over scenarios that you wouldn’t really understand because we are basically actually totally crazy. Our latest catch up was over brunch at Local 360. The cozy nooks and thick wooden booths were perfect for absorbing the sound of our giggles and guffaws.


First morning glow of the year.


Pre-brunch coffee is always necessary.


Residual from last night’s jubilation.


Glitter on the streets.



“Farmers breakfast: eggs, meat, homefries, biscuit.”


“Corned beef hash, poached eggs, biscuit.”


“Vegetable pot pie.”