As mentioned before, I went through a late-winter-burger-eating kick that makes my Spring “body bounce back” even more difficult than I would like. In reality, burgers are not terrible for you and are often comprised of a healthy balance of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. Unfortunately, there are few places in Seattle that guarantee a completely fresh and custom burger to your liking, so we decided to make our own burgers for a change.

Mine is the one with the egg. Per usual.






8oz. Burger Bar.

So, there’s a Great Clips, Dominos Pizza, “fast” Mediterranean food joint, then there’s 8oz. Burger Bar. It was hard not to think that 8oz. was just part of the strip mall dream.

I was so wrong.

After months of seeing it packed, and hearing from a friend (who has made quite accurate judgements) that the place was “really good,” I had to finally try it. For a Sunday night, the place was bustling, and service at the bar was great. We ordered a couple sides and a burger each – everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was so delicious. There’s not much more for me to say because writing this is making me terribly hungry and I have nothing to say when I’m hungry. Just go. Apologies for the dark pictures.

Garlic fries with lots and lots of fresh garlic. Brussels sprouts with bacon.

The Classic 8oz., their most basic burger. Simplicity is delicious-icity.

Chicken Sammie with curry aioli. This may rival my favorite chicken sammie in seattle – the fried chicken sammie at Skillet Diner. Oh my god I am so hungry.

Time for eat something, bye!