Monsoon East.

I have been meaning to try the dim sum brunch at Monsoon (Monsoon East) ever since I realized there was such a thing. Dim sum and brunch? Yes, dare to dream.

After a failed attempt at getting a seat at Gilbert’s on Main, a Bellevue family favorite, we passed Monsoon East by chance.

Monsoon is the sister (well, parent, really) restaurant to Ba Bar, which is one of my favorite local restaurants in Seattle. Ba Bar’s congee is not the best congee in the world, but it’s Vietnamese style and fresh ingredients make it a great breakfast dish if you ever have the chance to try it. With that in mind, I figured that the pork belly congee at Monsoon would be similar, but it was quite different and incredibly flavorful. I’ve had the pork belly congee at both restaurants and they are each unique: Ba Bar’s has hearty chunks of salty pork belly, reminiscent of Cantonese BBQ, and Monsoon’s version has diced and sweetened pork belly slices sprinkled on silky congee that makes for an smooth and easy bite every time. 

David ordered the Drunken Chicken, and it was reminiscent of General Tso’s chicken. Like, really, really good General Tso’s chicken. This dish is fit for two: a massive dome of sweet and crispy chicken protects a bed of sautéed mustard greens, and to the side, a perfectly fried egg covers a generous portion of rice. For the first time in a while, we couldn’t finish the dish. There was just too much. As for dim sum, my all time favorite is pan fried radish cake. Monsoon’s take was a bit too pan fried and covered in a bit too much sauce. The ingredients were very fresh and despite this version being too sweet for my taste, I’m excited to try their other dim sum dishes like their lotus leaf sticky rice.

will go back


Delicious Apple and Ginger drink.


Fusion pan fried radish cake.


Might not be a looker, but this congee was amazing.

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The spread. Drunken chicken on the bottom right. I didn’t get a close up shot because.. I mean, look at it. We dug right in.

Recent eats.

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Boiling Point.

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Chinese food.


Vegetable Fried Rice.


Bitter Melon sauteed in black bean sauce.

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Dinner at a French restaurant Cassis on Alki Beach.

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Stir fried tofu and broccoli over cold sesame noodles.


Brunch at Tilikum Place Cafe.


Tilikum Fry Up. Reminiscent of English breakfast.

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Soup dumplings, stir fried rice cake and beef noodle soup at Din Tai Fung.



 Salty’s on Alki for David’s Birthday brunch.


Cantonese food at Pacific Cafe.


Breakfast at Ba Bar. 

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Brunch at Terra Plata.


 Cocktails at Oddfellows.


Nothing beats an indulgence at DQ.


Bi bim bop and japchae from Oma Bap.


Teriyaki from Yasuko’s on First Hill.


Delicious Vegan fare from Plum Bistro.


Delivery from Henry’s Taiwan.