Saturday morning.

It took my working a 7am job to realize that I am really not a morning person. 8am is fine, but something about 7am is so defeating. There’s still too much dreaming to be done during that extra hour. Given the nature of my job, the timing is not too negotiable. So, this Winter will be especially hard for me as 7am becomes a colder and darker beast.

C’est ma vie.

Shots from a Saturday or two ago. Cheers to the weekend!

Must love Top Pot Doughnuts.

Decorated pumpkins for fall.

Secret garden in Capitol Hill.

Brunch at Smith. Yes, we had donuts then brunch, per the natural order of my weekends.


Kale and mushroom bread pudding with egg and frisee salad.


+ Seasonal fruit and baguette.

Mister Donut.

Think about a standard American doughnut, now imagine this doughnut is chewy, dense, moist and little less sweet. That’s what Mister Donut tastes like to me. Surprisingly, this franchise originated in the U.S., but is now only found in Asia. So, this is why it was a huge deal to me when we finally found one in Taipei. My favorite style is the “Pon De Ring,” as it is the most Q of the different types. Asian people refer to things that are chewy to the bite as “Q.Q.” and I am a huge fan. On our first visit to the Mister, we each slammed three doughnuts in about seven minutes.