Since I “became an adult,” I’ve been utterly obsessed with Disneyland. Not so much Disney movies, characters or memorabilia, but specifically the theme parks. This obsession hit me late, but hard, and if you recall, David and I last visited the Disney park in Hong Kong. Their park is unique in its own way, and while you can find classic rides like “It’s a Small World” and a mystical take on “Haunted Mansion,” it just made me long for the Disneyland. This year for my Birthday, we took a theme park focused trip down to LA and even stopped by Universal Studios! I don’t want to overtly declare how old I turned, but let’s just say it was a great way to welcome the last year of my 20s..

Take me back!












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Moments from my birthday.



Birthday plant.


Dinner at Alibi Room where David and I had our second date.


Market stroll.



Thanks to the Annual Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition, blocks Downtown were closed to cars and we were able to wander through the streets at our own pace.


Birthday treats to myself and for being part of their Beauty Insider program.


David’s avocado and egg breakfast sandwich.



Decisions, decisions… for my company holiday party.


First meal after a night of celebration.

Thank you David for another memorable birthday filled with surprises and loved ones xoxoxo.

More birthday eats.

A late recap of more birthday weekend eats.

Passion fruit cream filled Double Happiness and Mini Double Happiness from Ba Bar.

Pastries and coffee for breakfast. Rather, dessert and coffee for breakfast.

Close up look.

Leftover chocolate cake. And I seriously mean there was a leftover cake. We had about 1/7th of the thing on my actual birthday, and I’ve been doing my best to take the rest of it down with minimal help.

Takeout from 663 Bistro Sunday night.

After watching mall patrons eagerly line up at Cinnabon, we decided to indulge our curiosity and get one. This was my first Cinnabon experience during adulthood, as I’ve nearly forgotten the shenanigans and poor diet choices of adolescence. The roll was under cooked and sweetened to the point of our disgust. Incidentally, the curiosity was David’s, not mine.

Taiwanese A-Cai from Rocking Wok, an awesome Taiwanese restaurant that’s tucked away in the suburbs of Wallingford.

Hand shaven fried noodles.

Birthday festivities.

It’s been an amazing birthday weekend, and I am so thankful for the people in my life who make me feel so loved every day! So far, 27 has been filled with surprises and lots of food. Let’s try to keep this trend going through 28.

Treating myself to a birthday bagel because I don’t eat them except for once or twice a year. My “Freshman 15” was partially due to an over consumption of bagels, so I try to avoid them if I can… but not on my birthhhdayyyyy.

Surprise dinner at Palisade with David.

The beautiful view of downtown from our table.

“Kung Pao” calamari.

First of many celebratory drinks.

Filet Mignon.

Prime Rib, another of my splurge meals. It was creamy and rich in flavor, simply delicious.

Glittering ornaments at the restaurant.

After dinner (and some stalling on David’s part), we arrived to Emily’s place for a surprise birthday celebration. I’ve been on an adrenaline high from the surprise all weekend. They are all the best.

My favorite cake is Linda’s Fudge Cake from The Cheesecake Factory. It’s the sweetest, most moist chocolate cake I have ever had.


Dancing at Havana, a favorite of ours.

Croughnuts in bed after a morning of sleeping in. Bliss.

To my loved ones: thank you for helping to ring in “my late 20’s.” You all mean everything to me.