Denny Creek Trail.

Denny Creek Trail in the Snoqualmie/North Bend region is within an hour’s drive from Seattle and has many natural stopping points at the one mile and two mile marks that make it an easy roundtrip hike for families. We climbed up past Keekwulee Falls falls and stopped by the creek around the 3-3.5 mile mark for a lunch of foldovers and apples. Most hikers continued past this point in hopes of reaching “the lake,” which at the time we had no idea about. Even right now, I’m looking online and can’t find mention of this lake on the Denny Creek site. I guess there’s a second hike in store for us. This trail was the perfect length, altitude and condition for our Labor Day weekend hike. Admittedly, Sinae and I spent most of the time chatting rather than admiring the views, but that’s what pictures are for :)

We hiked a little over seven miles in three hours, roundtrip. 

2 thoughts on “Denny Creek Trail.

  1. If you follow the path beyond Denny Creek (I believe you’ll see another trail leading left), heads over to Melakwa lake ( If you’re a seasoned hiker, and in good shape, I suggest checking out Kaleetan Peak. It’s maybe another hr beyond the lake (lots of elevation gain) but the view should be stunning. Sadly, I ended up hitting the summit in rain and couldn’t see anything. There’s also a campground right next to the lake. Let me know if you want to go, I definitely plan to go (eventually) to view the summit when there aren’t any rain clouds.

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