Beef noodle soup.

I have a few favorite dishes, but nothing compares to the feeling of nostalgia and satiation that Beef Noodle Soup provides me. My favorite bowl is only found in the Yong Kang neighborhood of Taiwan, but a close second is Din Tai Fung’s version. It feels silly sometimes asking a server to box up the few cups of broth and meat left over, but it’s something my mom has always done, and I can’t help but continue the legacy of creating a “refreshed” second serving at home.

Din Tai Fung’s broth was so rich that leftovers had chilled into a gelatinous state. While that was defrosting, I blanched bok choy, boiled carrot medallions (a Taiwanese addition) and cooked some udon. Once combined, the end result looked almost better than it did the first time around :)


 Xiao Long Bao (soup dumpling) and beef noodle soup at Din Tai Fung.


 My version using leftover broth and fresh additions.

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