Robinswood Park.

If you were to tell my 14-year-old-accidentally-signed-up-for-Cross-Country-because-I-thought-it-was-the-same-as-Track-self that I would be spending my weekends at Robinswood Park as an adult, I’d be in disbelief. I realize it sounds impossible to mix up Cross Country and Track because they are entirely different, which I learned the hard way, but hindsight is 20/20. Despite my confusion, I still pushed through the season, somehow skating by with only running two full races. I’m not a natural long distance runner, nor do I think I could be one with proper training, so daily runs around the school and Robinswood Park were on the verge of painful for me. Up until a month ago, I hadn’t stepped foot at this park since 2005. With all the city walking I do, as featured on this blog, the constant caution around crazy drivers and street kids has caught up to me. Now I’m seeking out suburbia’s quiet trails and well-maintained parks (it makes a huge difference!) Bellevue’s Robinswood is on the smaller side, but there’s a darling pond with ducks coupling up for Spring and a dog park. It’s perfect for me. At least the 28-going-on-45-me for right now.







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