Sichuanese Cuisine.

This place is a Lee Family favorite and the setting for years of celebratory dinners and catch up sessions. There are locations in Seattle (International District) and Redmond that are both run by a hospitable and warm family-friend-family. Story goes, my mom met the wife-boss back in the early 90s when Chinese and Taiwanese families were still fairly dispersed in the Bellevue/Redmond area. Imagine two moms, each alone in the Sears parking lot with young children, trying to navigate the city. It makes sense that knowing glances would turn to smiles then long-lasting conversation and eventually a friendship.


Spicy bean curd with pork.


Sauteed pea vines.


Pan braised fish in sweet and spicy sauce.


Pork sauteed with cucumber and wood ear mushrooms.


Green onion pancake.


Pork and tofu stew.


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