Veggie and bacon hash.

This dinner originated because of a few reasons and one undeniable truth. One sensical reason involved needing to use up our Brussels Sprouts, and the undeniable truth is that leftover bacon fat should be used whenever possible. Oh, and breakfast for dinner is the best. I guess that’s two undeniable truths.

We used:

  • Vegetables: Halved Brussels Sprouts and diced red bell pepper.
  • Diced Russet Potato, though I’d like to use a harder, waxier variety like red potatoes next time.
  • Chopped up bacon bits. We used three bacon strips between the two of us, so adjust accordingly…
  • Bacon fat and/or vegetable oil


In a cast iron skillet, or a heavy bottomed sauté pan, partially cook the vegetables, bacon and potatoes you want to combine in your hash. To ensure each piece gets an even sear, cook the ingredients separately, or in small batches. Once completed, combine everything back in the skillet to for baking.


Most of the bacon fat was used to sauté the vegetables, but we used the remainder to coat our mix prior to baking. Though it sounds like we used a lot of bacon fat, we only had about two tablespoons available (it was whatever we rendered off of the four strips we had for breakfast that morning. It was a bacon-rich day).







Bake for about 10-15 minutes on 375 depending on how “done” your vegetables and potatoes were to begin with. Broil on high for the last two minutes.





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