…on Instagram! I’ve really propelled  myself into the 21st century by getting an iPhone and signing up for Instagram all in the same week, so make my day and follow me here.

See what I’ve been up to around town including some Instagram favorites:


Breakfast pic, again.


GO HAWKS. Taken during my early morning walk to work.


Late night executive decision to order in a snack… Seriously, it took us an ungodly amount of time last weekend to decide if we wanted to order a pizza.


Wine, cookies and The Knick – one of the best shows I’ve seen in the past year. Quite possibly the best. Look it up here.


Sumo Mandarin Oranges are insanely delicious this season.


The place where all my childhood fantasies came to life is closed. RIP, Sanrio of Bellevue Square. Without you, I don’t where I would be right now in life.


@ the movies: Popcorn and candy by the pound. At a pound actually. We’ve been upping our intake of bulk candy on a weekly basis. What used to be a $7 bag is now a $13 bag. Oops.


Another thing we’ve been hooked on is salad with chips and salsa. It’s easy to repeat meals when chips are involved. I have a post to come on the dressing we’ve been using that David thought up :)



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