Notable little trips: Taiwan.

It’s been two months since our trip, and I can’t believe how time flies. The first week home, I spent each jet lagged hour thinking about what we should be doing if were still in Taiwan. In honor of my reminiscence, I’m sharing some special occasions and destinations from our trip that I didn’t cover before. Again, feel free to ask questions!

Taichung City for my cousin’s beautiful wedding reception. My dad is from Taichung, and I’ve spent weeks there during visits when I was younger. Though we only stayed for the reception, we had the opportunity to drive around the city and grab some sweet delicacies  at the famous Jiunn Meei before our drive back to Taipei.


Congratulations! I am still elated for you both.



Taipei Zoo. I have been here three times now and the zoo’s size and detail amazes me every time. Be prepared to spend at least a few hours here, and if you hustle, you might be able to see every site. Don’t miss the lazy pandas, lounging hippos and nerotic guinea pigs (yes, there is a guinea pig and small mammal exhibit); they’re my three must-sees for each visit.






Ximending Neighborhood is a popular area where young people congregate for entertainment, shopping and food. The atmosphere is similar to that of a Night Market, but there’s more room to loiter and rather than local finds, the shopping is focused on mainstream fashion and Japanese-inspired trinkets. This is also a great neighborhood for International fare like Italian or Japanese food.



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