Salito’s, SF.

Sausalito is just outside of San Francisco, and the perfect little shore town for exploring alongside a never ending view of SF. Although I’m pretty sure Seattle can rival any city in terms of seafood, Salito’s was just the lunch we needed after a morning of strolling through marinas, parks and little bays. The menu includes approachable seafood classics like chowder, crab cakes, mussels, fish and chips, etc., but what caught my eye was their offering of prime rib.

I love prime rib.

Unfortunately, I talked myself out of a 1pm beef immersion, but “next time…” I promised myself. Next time….



House-made Kettle Bread.


Beautiful little house salad.


“crabwich (dungeness) tomato vinaigrette slaw, avocado”


Crab chowder.


Pasta: “bay shrimp spicy onion bacon red pepper sauce”



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