What we ate: Daxi & Shenkeng.


The line for this braised snacks stand in Daxi was the longest, so we knew it was the one to wait in.


An assortment of braised tofu, tofu skin and boiled eggs.


Our plate consisted of a few varieties of braised tofu and boiled egg. The tofu tasted incredibly fresh and was not tough or chewy, which can happen when tofu is braised either too long, on too high a heat or with insufficient liquid. Their egg was my favorite. The yolk center was creamy and gelatinous (in the best way possible) because they took the time to properly slow cook a simple egg: something I don’t have the patience for.


Fresh mochi rolled in finely ground peanuts, a snack that is both sweet and savory.


The restaurant where we had dinner in Shenkeng.


Sauteed cabbage.


Sweet and sour soup with soft tofu.


Braised soft tofu. Daxi is popular for denser tofu varieties that make for good snacks, and Shenkeng offers softer varieties that work well in dishes.


Fresh bamboo braised in pork broth.


Fried fish (not a very detailed description, but I don’t recall what type of fish this is) in chili garlic sauce with soft tofu.


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