What we ate: Niu rou mian “Beef Noodle Soup.”

Yongkang was the last stop on our trip to Taiwan in 2013, and you may recall my mentioning a famous beef noodle soup restaurant we missed out on trying. Well, we made it this year, and I promise that Yongkang Niu Rou Mian Restaurant has one of the best beef noodle soups you will ever have. The pictures should speak for themselves.



Famous side dishes: cold cucumber, braised bamboo and steamed intestines with rice.


Yes, intestines with rice.


The perfect broth: pure beef flavor without too many distracting flavors, but enough oils and spices to distinguish it from other soups.


Perfectly cooked noodles.


And the best beef I’ve ever had in beef noodle soup. It was extremely tender and melted in my mouth.




The line that formed outside.

Of course we had to try other beef noodle soups during our trip, so below are some other pretty good bowls, but Yongkang’s could not be beat.


Popular Taiwanese restaurant down the street from our Airbnb stay near Zhongxiao Fuxing Station: Thick cut noodles, with clearer broth, but the beef was tough.


Spicy noodle shop at the Breeze Center food court: Deliciously spicy broth with thinner noodles.


Living Mall food court: This one had good broth and noodles, but there was a little too much going on with the vegetables, carrot, pickled vegetables, etc.



Er Ma (Two Horse) Hand Shaven Noodles: Tomato beef broth with fresh hand shaven noodles.


My last bowl at the Eva Air lounge before our flight. Surprisingly, the beef was better than the aforementioned, non-Yongkang, bowls.

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