What we ate: “The Diner” Taipei.

Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes an all-American meal with classics like mashed potatoes and stuffing is exactly what will hit the spot, so enjoy today with family and friends! In honor of this food-centric holiday, I’m sharing one of my favorite breakfast experiences in Taipei:

I know this sounds crazy, but it is possible for me to hit an Asian food limit. A week into our trip, I was craving some American breakfast. “The Diner” wasn’t hard to find, as it tops many “best breakfast” lists of bloggers who either live or have traveled to Taipei. We ordered fairly quintessential breakfast dishes (an omelet for me and a scramble for David), and they were prepared true to form with the exception of two local improvements in my opinion: Asian toast vs. your drier American toast, and softer cooked eggs (I’m not sure how else to describe it, but the eggs dishes here just taste “smoother”). My omelet was cooked perfectly. The outside was firm, but the inside had the consistency of slow and buttery scrambled eggs. I’m not an omelet lover to begin with, and this was the best I’ve ever had. In addition to serving great food, the owners also executed the diner vibe perfectly. Their coffee mugs were thick with heavy bottoms, and the restaurant wall was lined with deep and cozy booths. Kudos to The Diner because these details stand out among local breakfast vendors. Most offer limited seats that barely fit a person comfortably (you’re lucky if the seat has a back, too) and the dishware provided is typically too dainty or disposable. 

The Diner was a refreshing and much needed pit stop during our trip. 





 Omelet with spinach and avocado.


 Smoked salmon scramble.




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