Getting there.

We’re back! And still pretty exhausted from our trip, so bear with me while I spend this week organizing all of our photos.  There are so, so many I can’t wait to share with you!

Snippets of us “getting there”:


I love instant ramen in any form and find it entirely acceptable to “indulge” while waiting for a 2AM (!!) flight at the airport lounge.


My travel favorites: Glamour and Mrs.May’s Almond Rice Stix (I can only seem to find this flavor at the airport, but it’s one of my favorites).


Our five hour layover in Taiwan was spent eating, napping and watching Netflix at the Eva Air lounge.


Hello Kitty seats at the Airport.


Exploring at one of many tech-oriented airport shops.


Waiting to board our flight to Hong Kong.


Eva Air flies direct between Taipei and Seattle and has always provided a pleasant on-board experience. Highly recommended! P.S. if you get a chance, fly with one of their Hello Kitty Jets.


Arrival at our hotel in Hong Kong: Renaissance Harbour View on HK Island. A great location for beautiful skylines and business travel.


Lush greens of Kong Kong.


View from our hotel room.


22 hours later.


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