is my favorite meal.



For a hash, chop up some peppers, potatoes and garlic. For seasoning, you’ll want to add sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder and cayenne for spice.


First…we need some bacon fat.


Chop the ingredients for your hash into one square centimeter pieces so they cook evenly and quickly. It’s all about being able to eat ASAP when I’m making my own breakfast.


Remove the bacon and leave the rendered grease in your pan. 


Add garlic and potatoes to the pan and toss them together a few times to coat each piece with bacon fat. Now leave a thin layer of potatoes untouched to brown and crisp in the pan, flip then repeat. I definitely overloaded my pan, so the potatoes ended up on the softer side.


Prepare eggs to your liking.


Toss the peppers and your choice of seasoning in with your crisped potatoes. If you’re using an oven safe pan or cast iron skillet, finish with a few minutes in the oven at a high heat/broil.



 The rest is history.

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