Recent eats.


Greek Salmon plate at Lola for lunch.


Sesame noodles with black bean bitter melon and peppers.


Fisher Fair scones. I realized we forgot to mix in chocolate chips, so the above is a last ditch attempt to somehow incorporate them.


Grits with avocado, peppers and shrimp.


We finally tried Monga Cafe: another Taiwanese addition to the amazing Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants currently in Bellevue.

I love the vintage photos that adorn their walls.


Bean curd and seaweed side dishes.


Of course, we tried their Beef Noodle Soup (niu rou mian). The flavor was there, but it wasn’t my favorite (see my post on Din Tai Fung). I prefer a lighter, less greasy broth and thicker noodles. 


Taiwanese shaved ice with fresh taro, red bean and taro/sweet potato glutinous balls. Though the Beef Noodle Soup is not among my top favorites, the shaved ice here far surpassed that of Din Tai Fung. We will be going back to try some rice dishes like the Lu Rou Fan (traditional braised pork rice), but a visit for shaved ice would be totally acceptable as well.


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