Having been to Ba Bar about, oh, I don’t know, 80 times, it was time for a visit to Monsoon (Ba Bar’s more refined older brother on the other side of Capitol Hill). We had been before, but this recent visit was out first in years. The new bar is gorgeous and the staff are personable, friendly and seemingly more “qualified” than that of Ba Bar’s younger team. Most importantly, these qualities come at no compromise against the quality and taste of their food. 

The natural light of a summer evening made it difficult to get good pictures inside, but in addition to the below, we had the clay pot catfish and string beans. The picked cucumber drink was the best cocktail I’ve had in a while (don’t let the name scare you), and like Ba Bar, the Imperial Rolls can’t be beat.

SavedPicture-201487195534.jpg SavedPicture-201487195539.jpg SavedPicture-201488101946.jpg SavedPicture-201488101949.jpg

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