Richmond, BC: Chef Hung Noodle.

Authentic Taiwanese eats at Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle in Abderdeen Centre :)

As a self-proclaimed Beef Noodle Soup connoisseur, I get it wherever it’s available, and had to try Hung’s award winning bowl. Their broth is light, and the wide noodles are incredibly chewy and fresh (but awfully slippery). Personally, it’s one of the better versions I’ve had, but based on recent experiences, I enjoyed my bowl at Din Tai Fung a little more. Overall, the ambiance and variety of dishes and drinks were awesome. We will definitely go back.

P.S., we’re heading to Hong Kong and back to Taiwan this Fall. I CAN’T WAIT.



Beef rolls with cucumber and scallion.


Taiwanese kimchi: gingery and spicier than its Korean counterpart.


Beef Noodle Soup with wide noodles.


Dry noodles with pork and bean curd.


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