Richmond, BC.

Vancouver BC is a popular weekend destination for most Seattleites, but have you stopped in Richmond before? Just 20 minutes south of Vancouver, the city of Richmond is a mecca of Asian shopping and dining, as well as a hub for the region’s growing Chinese community (a little under 50% of Richmond’s population is Chinese, compared to around 30% in Vancouver). As a child, I was constantly shuffled up and down the border due to my parent’s predilection for authentic Chinese food that only a weekend trip to Richmond could please, so I never really had the desire to go back for a trip of my own as an adult. Now I’m at an age where I can appreciate how ful”filling” a trip for the pure purpose of eating can be for my soul. We drove up a few weekends back, and stayed at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport: a hotel perfectly situated between two huge Richmond shopping centers: Yaohan and Aberdeen Centre. If your motivation is to eat yourself silly, and stay in a convenient city center, you must stay at this Radisson. It’s also close enough to walk to the Richmond Night Market and waddle back home when you’re done.

I have a few posts from our trip lined up, enjoy!



Bounty of bread and Chinese pastries. The packet to the right contains Chocolate Buns, a favorite of ours from our visit to Taiwan last year.


Dream aisle at the Osaka Supermarket in Yaohan Centre.






Hobby shops are just as popular here as they are in Asia.


Cute stickers from the largest Daiso I have ever been two in Aberdeen Centre. It literally sells EVERYTHING (underwear, food, yarn, nails, etc.)


View outside our room. We could see the planes take off from the airport and fly overhead.


The famous Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle (post to come).


Sitting in traffic on 99 right past the Canadian border.


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