Wallace falls

When asked about what there is to do in the area, I can’t count the number of times I’ve told Seattle transplants that they “must” go hiking and skiing. And unfortunately, the number of times that I’ve gone hiking or skiing myself is a shameful zero times. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that while I talk the Seattle talk, I haven’t found the motivation or desire to actually take my own advice.

During Memorial Day Weekend, we ventured up Wallace Falls, and I was able to cross hiking off my aforementioned to-do list. The hike was a little under six miles total with many viewing points along the way to admire the falls that the trail was meticulously built around. I didn’t end up as sore as I convinced myself I would be, but I’m certain it’s because I stayed hydrated and made sure to get my fill of PB&J foldovers once we made it to the peak.


 Lunch (but really a reward for making it to the top).



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