One of my first conversations with David was about our shared love of Hawaiian food (Macaroni Salad to be exact). I always thought this similarity was pretty special because there’s a noticeable shortage of good Hawaiian food here, and a lot of Seattleites have likely never even tried it. Kauai Family Restaurant of Sodo/Georgetown  has been my go-to favorite , but when we heard about Ma’Ono Fried Chicken & Whiskey (Hawaiian food AND Fried Chicken???) we instantly knew it would be delicious. I wanted to save Ma’Ono for a special occasion like David’s birthday; it was also 83 degrees and sunny that Thursday. Perfection.

David + Fried Chicken + Hawaiian Food + Sun = a few French Bulldogs shy of my personal heaven. ♥





Spam Musubi Nori, rice, sweet & salty seaweed paste.


 Macaroni Salad Potato, egg, carrots.


Shoyu Tombo Poke Ogo seaweed, sesame, macadamia nuts, chiles.


The pièce de résistance Fried Chicken served with kimchi, rice and chile sauce.

Up there as one of the best fried chicken I’ve had (up there with Kingfish Cafe’s). Call for “fried chicken reservations” to be safe!


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