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Do you watch Shark Tank on ABC? We’ve recently become pretty obsessed with this show, and a 24/7 availability of past seasons on YouTube just feed my new addiction. The basic premise is entrepreneurs selling a stake in their business or product idea to various “sharks” for investment, capital and expert knowledge. Of course, there are dud ideas that seem to have only been given the chance for our entertainment* (it is reality TV, after all), but the show is serious and changing lives. Including mine.

We watched an episode that featured The Spatty, and I need one. The tiny spatula is designed to reach the bottom of a bottle or jar so you can reach that last amount of product with ease. For me, the Spatty replaces my using a pinky finger to scrape  those extra, but precious, drops of expensive serums and lotions that I hate throwing away. The creator mentioned that up to 20% of product is thrown away due to this type of issue. 20% is crazy! I have spent far too many hours trying to think of ways to not be wasteful, so this simple tool is exactly what I need. Girls, do you feel me?

I don’t have one (yet), but I will post an update once I try it out.

*Check out “Cougar Energy”

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