Holy Monkey Bread.

We have been loyal fans of Ba Bar’s “Double Happiness” (their version of the croissant-doughnut) since its creation (and even before all the legalities of their calling them “croughnuts” happened), but their new pastry addition takes things to a different level. Ba Bar’s Cinnamon Monkey Bread is the best pastry I have had since I first tried their croughnut. Traditional Monkey Bread has been a do-it-yourself staple for families and at-home bakers, but Ba Bar’s variation is perfection. The individual pieces don’t readily fall apart like your typical Monkey Bread; the top layer of crust is candied and firm, while the center is soft and layered like a doughy croissant. Yes, I believe they use croissant dough, but more taste testing is needed before I can know for certain.

I debated posting this, as I selfishly want to keep the Monkey Bread a secret between me and Ba Bar, but I figure I owe it to you! They run out early in the day, so make sure you head over sometime before 11am!



SavedPicture-2014413165326.jpgSavedPicture-2014413113040.jpg SavedPicture-2014413113035.jpg SavedPicture-2014413113029.jpg

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