Black Bean Brownies.

By Chocolate-Covered Kate.

A go-to, impromptu dessert that I love making simply because it’s so easy, is Kate’s black bean brownie. Black beans add a hearty texture and savory taste to traditional “brownies,” making these a great breakfast treat as well as a post-dinner dessert. If you keep a 15 ounce can of blacked beans on hand, you likely already have all of the ingredients required for this recipe. If not, simple substitutions like more honey instead of stevia, or whole oats rather than quick oats, are easy tweaks that no one should notice. While I am no longer trying to eat gluten free, this recipe’s high protein content, omission of flour and sugars, etc. keep it on the top of my guilt-free desserts list. Well, I don’t necessary have a “list” of guilt-free dessert recipes. Because, dessert.

I added some white chocolate chips I had laying around (old chips I desperately try to use because I’m too neurotic to just throw them out). They add a creamy sweetness to my version. Additionally, I don’t use a food processor on the base, as you can tell from the pictures. I simply crush the beans and keep the oats whole because I prefer mine chunkier like granola bars. Oh, and mainly because I don’t have a food processor. So, don’t worry if you don’t have one either!





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