Broccolini and spicy sausage sauteed with sun dried tomatoes and olive oil. Then tossed with rigatoni. Sausage has been our go-to for cooking lately, but we make sure to buy it from the butcher at Whole Foods (in hopes that it is of a higher quality) if we are eating it more than once a week… which we are sometimes.

Salad bar from Assembly Hall.

Broccolini, Italian sausage and quinoa.

Tom’s Big Breakfast from Lola. Their latest version includes buttered kale, an assortment of beans, and baby onions. It is much more filling than variations before.

General Tsao’s Chicken from Regent Bakery on Capitol Hill. Regent makes the best Taiwanese style pastries and buns in Seattle. Please visit their Capitol Hill or Redmond location for a taste, it is so worth it. Also, (and I don’t want this information to spread too far for my own selfish reasons) the Capitol Hill location now offers some really fresh and delicious dim sum small plates as part of their weekend offering.

Soft egg tofu dish with Chinese broccoli and an assortment of proteins.

Pan fried turnip cake, my favorite dim sum dish.

Honey walnut prawns.

Noodles with Rock fish and ginger at A Piece of Cake in the International District.

Brisket and tendon beef noodle soup with wontons.


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