Cedars on Broadway.

Cedars Restaurant is heralded by Seattleites for having the city’s best Indian food. If you went to the University of Washington, it was also known as being the “nicer,” more “expensive” (and by expensive, I mean that it costs more than $7.95 plates at Thaiger Room) Indian spot to take a date or visiting parents. A few years ago, Cedars opened a second restaurant on First Hill just a hop, skip and a lazy stroll from my place. Being that I always associated the Cedars name with the fine memories of their U.W. location, it surprised me to see that the Broadway addition shares a shady block with what appears to be a local homeless shelter. I wouldn’t say that this is the sole reason I never tried Cedars Broadway until now, but it played a large part in my decision to hold off. Last week, David and I decided it was time, and I was shocked at how delicious the food is. Like good Indian food, it was ever better two days later as leftovers for lunch. We ordered the Tandoori Salmon, Okra Masala and the Falafel appetizer (this location does a Medi-Indian mix). I don’t know what sauce they put on the falafel, but it was one of the best thing’s I have ever tasted in the realm of Mediterranean food. The flavors speak for themselves, and live up to the Cedars name. But I must warn you about the ambiance; everything is disposable. Paper plates, plastic forks, etc. So, if you don’t mind a quick bite for fear of Masala seeping through the bottom of your compostable plate, you must go to Cedars on Broadway. Immediately.



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