I posted a few months back about all the changes happening in Capitol Hill. Despite blocks of new developments that are now up and functional, the pace of destruction and re-construction has not slowed down. In fact, it feels like it’s accelerated. The Capitol Hill I know and love is going to be drastically different within the next five years. The Rhino Room is a new lounge that I’m intrigued by, but haven’t had the time (or good weather) to visit for a drink. The space reminds me of a souped-up diner with wide booths for large parties and shiny new chairs surrounding a huge bar. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday, Emily! I love that we just get each other. Ever since those first looks across the AP World classroom…

Leftover rice to be fried rice.


Take out from Ba Bar on a lazy and rainy Sunday.

Twin fortunes.

New book and coffee during lunch. I love a good mystery and suspense thriller.

Spring is coming.

“Groceries” for the weekend.

Open faced turkey sandwich at Lost Lake. Nothing better than comfort food after work on a Friday.



Scramble at Bennet’s on Mercer Island.


Brown rice, kale, peas and corn.


Pan fried rockfish.


Mixed up dinner.


Beef noodle soup.

Sweet and sour fish.

Kigo Kitchen in South Lake Union.

Beef noodle soup leftovers.

Vegan hash at Lost Lake.

Goat cheese scramble.

L.A. Diary

Some more facets of our weekend; featuring lots of sun. I feel like an ungrateful Seattleite, but 85 degrees was much too hot for me.

The Ivy.

Good morning @ Serena’s beautiful home.


Excited for a chance to wear my printed pants.

Outfit & grass.

Homage to our night before at The Edison.

Beverly Hills.

Street art downtown.

Discovery of this amazing sticker store came twenty years too late. @ 3rd ave. Farmer’s Market.

L.A. Foliage is not like Seattle’s.

The Grove.



Sunday Brunch.


Trinkets in Little Tokyo. There were Daiso-esque discount shops on every corner with the cutest little finds; I had to convince myself that bunny chopstick holders and kitty shaped rice molders are not necessary. However, $2.50 head tingler/massagers were a steal and definitely NECESSARY.

L.A. Diary – Blockheads & Umami Burger.

Saturday was full of treats, and I’m paying for it with this post-vacation detox I’ve been trying to impose.

Blockheads Shavery serves the most perfect alternative to frozen yogurt and ice cream with its snow cream. Snow cream so good that it rivals the traditional variation served in Taiwan. Snow cream is smooth and sweet like soft serve, but airy like Hawaiian shaved ice; an extremely pleasing combination of texture and taste in my opinion. The last time I had anything like this was in Taipei a few years ago, so this was a treat that I made sure to savor. Most of the snow cream flavors and toppings are those of traditional Asian desserts (like black sesame and taro), but they are mild enough to please every palate.

Having never been to Umami Burger before, there was no debate over what we were to have for dinner. I should note that I have been on a burger kick lately, and craving it more than ever. Despite this recent disposition, I still thought Umami’s burger patty was absolutely delicious. The burger patty itself could stand up against a steak dinner. Umami’s combination of herbs and spices in their burgers tasted like pizza, and what’s better than a pizza-burger? Nothing is better than a pizza-burger. All the fuss and hype over this place has been justified.